A target operating model shows how the IT function adds value to customers and end users of the organization. IDC Metri helps to bring this indispensable compass in strategic changes into focus and to implement it into the organization.

The quality of the internal organization is increasingly decisive for the ultimate success of the company. This certainly applies to the IT function that is seen as an essential ingredient for success in many organizations. In a TOM of the IT function, IDC Metri shows in general terms what the IT services to be delivered entail and what fits the IT organization. Furthermore, the core processes, governance, attitude and behaviour, knowledge and skills, and the change that the implementation entails are elaborated.

The operating model provides insight into how technology contributes to implementing the strategy, for instance in a strategic reorientation or when the current strategy does not add enough value. In doing so, the logical coherence between the strategy, the revenue model and various dimensions such as products, processes, systems, governance and personnel competences is examined. In this way, the contours of a new customer proposition are drawn.

This background helps to take a new strategic direction with a fresh approach to the organizational design. With a TOM you can disconnect from the existing situation and think better about the best fitting organization for your new strategy. The proposition, governance, sourcing of business processes and underlying technological choices are often interdependent and therefore also need to be considered in relation to each other. The analysis shows which operational and IT synergies are possible and how they can support the integration process. Such a model and accompanying analysis form a valuable basis for the preparation of a concrete business case.

IDC Metri can also help with the implementation. We combine a soft, people-oriented approach with hard, concrete and fact-based changes. After all, it is a transformation in which there is no way back and only the result counts.

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