Good cooperation with the right IT suppliers is becoming increasingly crucial and decisive due to the speed with which the business of an organization changes. To achieve this collaboration, it is necessary to select the most suitable IT supplier. The IT supplier should not only fit in with the relevant IT lot but also with the organization and its business objectives.

A well-fitting IT supplier therefore not only ensures the most optimal, efficient and transparent service and cooperation but also adds the right value to the company and its objectives. Selecting a supplier can happen for various reasons; due to the contract expiration, dissatisfaction, new developments or a changed strategy. To select a new supplier, ample attention needs to be paid to the process, content, financial and also purchasing.

Through long-term and extensive knowledge of the supplier market and its ecosystems, IDC Metri can quickly and efficiently help select and contract the right IT supplier(s). The focus is on connecting the outsourcing organization and the IT supplier. This connection is made through exclusive negotiation or a compact dialogue process with a limited number of suppliers by means of a long/shortlist. In order to reach the most suitable IT supplier(s), IDC Metri has drawn up a concrete approach.

The IDC Metri sourcing supplier selection consists of 3 phases:

Context, suppliers and data collection
the context determines the starting points, sourcing objectives and scope of the client’s selection and expectations. The data collection includes the preparation of a long- and short list and optionally the preparation of the current costs (base case) and landing zone.

Dialogue and selection
the process of informing the selected suppliers based on the previously drawn up shortlist and inviting them to conduct a dialogue. The outcome of the dialogue sessions is the definitive interpretation of the RfP to suitable suppliers. Answering the RfP will lead to the selection of a supplier.

a contract is drawn up, with the selected supplier and details of the schedules signed before. Next, the service will start.

IT sourcing supplier selection supports organizations in selecting and contracting a new party. This result ensures the most suitable supplier for wishes and demands. Proven standard documents are used for this, including a standard Sourcing Contract, including attachments. It is also possible to do this in a Value Driven way. The standard contract documents then actively contribute to a measurable service.

IDC Metri supports organizations in a practical and effective way in the implementation of a complete supplier selection process. This results in a suitable supplier and signed contract. IDC Metri uses standard sourcing contracts for this, which ensure a fast, yet meticulous contract with the new supplier. The concluded contracts are measurable and transparent.

Advantages of the supplier selection

Performing a supplier selection process with the right suppliers, the right scope and finally contracting at the right price is a specific process that must be carried out with care. Through extensive knowledge of the market, IDC Metri can select the most suitable suppliers.

Subsequently, coordination with the market will take place in the form of a dialogue phase, prior to the quotation phase. The purpose of these dialogue sessions is to get the best possible feedback from the market parties to make a qualitative, high-quality and realistic request. This also offers suppliers the opportunity to collect information and to make a good quality offer.

These offers are substantively and financially tested. IDC Metri sets up a landing zone for the financial assessment. By setting up this landing zone, IDC Metri can make a manageable and rapid assessment and thus skip a time-consuming and often unmanageable Best and Final Offer (BAFO) process.

By using the IDC Metri knowledge of financial propositions and with 1 back-up supplier in the waiting room, maximum pressure is kept on the process, but also creates focus on the solution. IDC Metri unburdens organizations from selection to contracting.

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