The management of the signed contracts goes by the board for many organizations. This can be strengthened if suppliers provide little transparency or poor communication. In addition to a disturbed relationship, such a contract also has lower cost effectiveness. Also, the connection of the contract to the current situation may decrease due to organizational or technological changes. If an organization wants to continue with a supplier, it is usually necessary to adjust the contract to the new situation. As a rule, this is not easy.


Expertise to look at all aspects of a contract is often not readily available. Organizations also lack the knowledge and data to test an offer for market conformity or time or experience to successfully complete a process within a reasonable period of time. Metri, which has built up strong expertise in contracting, can undertake this complex process


has no insight into the performance of suppliers.


of the Metri (re)contracts leads to better conditions.


of the contracts supervised by Metri is terminated.


months lead time of selection and contracting process.


years of experience with IT sourcing issues

Contracts must be balanced and flexible. To meet the expectations of the purchasing organization, but also to be in balance with the interests of the supplier in order to create a sustainable partnership. When organizations call in Metri for (re)contracting, they benefit from a detailed master service agreement (MSA) with extensive checklists for knowledge and data that are needed to properly test market conformity.


The process starts with coordination of, among other things, the expectations of the client, followed by desk research in preparation for the kick-off, with Metri explaining the process and determining the roles of the parties involved and the starting points. Then the iterations of the review and changes to the documents start. In the last iteration, price and the “loose ends” are negotiated with supplier and client. Metri performs a market conformity test, monitors the progress of the process and informs the client about the status of the MSA and the appendices.

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