All suppliers claim to supply High Performance Teams, but do not quantify this and deliver on the basis of Time and Material (hours * hourly rate), without taking ownership of the delivered product. There is no incentive to become more productive and deliver better quality, more an incentive to spend more hours, which often happens. To save costs and increase the delivered value per team, a steering mechanism is necessary.

Metri SPM measures the productivity, cost efficiency, delivery speed and quality of the agile teams delivered by suppliers in an objective, repeatable, verifiable and comparable manner and compares this with the market. With this service you keep the supplier sharp, you get the best people and it becomes possible to pay suppliers on the basis of delivered value instead of hours spent.

The service uses the world-leading technology CAST AIP to measure the quality of the software against all current international standards and best practices and to determine the output of the teams in a standardized manner.

Supplier Performance Monitor

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