As self-organizing Agile and DevOps teams become more and more common in many organizations, management concerns are mounting. How do you know what is ready when, what the costs are and whether this is in proportion to the delivered value? Teams come with story point metrics, but these are subjective and can only be used at a team level, not suitable as input for management decisions.

CIOs have lost the overview, but they are expected to make a concrete contribution to the success of the organization by delivering business value at the lowest possible cost. Because the agile way-of-working is often more expensive in practice than traditional development, performance monitoring is crucial. Especially in the case where large parts of teams are delivered by suppliers, monitoring is crucial. These teams are often hired based on hourly rates, so there is no built-in incentive to become more productive and deliver better quality.

The Team Performance Suite services use world-leading technology to measure software quality against all current international standards and best practices to measure team output in a standardized way.

Agile Team Performance Monitor (ATPM)

Agile Value Management (AVM)

Measure the productivity, speed and delivered quality of agile teams in an objective, repeatable, verifiable and comparable way. With this service, you can compare the performance of teams among themselves and with the market, and inprove in a targeted way.

Supplier Performance Monitor (SPM)

Supplier Performance Monitor (SPM)

IDC Metri SPM measures the productivity, cost efficiency, delivery speed and quality of the agile teams supplied by suppliers in an objective, repeatable, verifiable and comparable manner and compares this with the market. With this service you keep the supplier sharp, you get the best people and it becomes possible to pay suppliers on the basis of delivered value instead of hours spent.

Benefits of the Team Performance Suite

After the introduction of an agile working method, managers within the IT industry experienced a clear lack of control over the agile teams. It is not known which the high performing and the low performing teams are. IDC Metri Team Performance provides grip by objectively determining the performance per team so that it is comparable between teams and with the market. Trends in the performance metrics are input for concrete improvements, after which follow-up measurements show whether they have been successful.

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