Modernization of complex applications starts with understanding the complexity. From a Software Health & Risk Assessment, the Software MRI scan provides insight into the technical architecture in the form of blueprints, which enables understanding of how an application works at any desired level.

This allows you to:

  • Clarify complex software in a simple and intuitive way;
  • Dividing monolithic applications into parts that can serve as separate parts in a migration strategy;
  • Determine how well an application meets architecture standards;
  • Mapping how technologies and frameworks are used to optimize or maintain the efficiency, security and resilience of an application;
  • Determine whether parts of the application are suitable for use as a separate microservice;
  • Quickly familiarize new developers with a complex application.

Most companies today are trying to understand how to handle their legacy software: investing in mainframes, monoliths, modernization and microservices. In all cases, an understanding of the existing legacy of their systems is an essential part of the strategy: Software Intelligence that shows “the big picture” is needed. This is especially true for organizations that have a lot of large, hard-to-understand and poorly documented legacy software.

Many legacy systems are mission-critical and have often been maintained and developed over decades. They contain a combination of Mainframe, JEE and other technologies, making them difficult to understand and difficult to change. Today, new digital initiatives are being developed on top of these legacy technologies. So the technology of yesteryear is not being replaced but is now connected to new architectures and technologies that come on the market every year.

With new Agile ways of working, software engineers work faster than ever before and support fast releases with DevOps while still having to apply software quality, security and risk standards. In this environment, it is difficult to understand the complexity of legacy software to build an optimized modernization roadmap.

CAST Imaging

The first step in understanding the “big picture” is to discover all the layers, components and interconnections that are part of your legacy stack. This kind of Software Intelligence helps teams with an effective design for the future state of business-critical software, whereby hidden risks or complications are taken into account.

CAST Imaging is a web application that allows teams to discover and map the status of their company across all layers – business, operating and technology. With this Software Intelligence teams can design and develop the optimal architecture layout for the future of the digital business of the organization. Regardless of your use of technologies, standards or custom development, from blockchain architecture to microservices, CAST Imaging provides a fact-based overview of your application.

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