There are many reasons to measure the quality of software. Some applications are so critical that an hour of downtime immediately leads to tons of damage. Other applications are less critical, but cause many problems with dissatisfied users as a result.

Metri measures the quality of and risks in applications in a very detailed way against all international standards (ISO, OWASP, CICS, NIST, OMG, etc.) with the help of world-leading technology that measures at a system level, so that problems in the connections between layers, modules and components become clear and can be solved in a targeted manner. This is unique in the market!

The Software Quality Suite consists of the following services:

software risk health

Software Health & Risk Assessment

The Software Risk/Health Measurement service measures the quality of and risks in one or more applications at a system level and against all current international standards and best practices such as ISO 25010, OWASP, CISQ, NIST, OMG, etc. We use the world leading technology CAST Application Intelligence Platform. The service provides unparalleled opportunities to improve software code, fix critical errors and minimize risks. Actually a must for every business-critical application.

Software Security Assessment

Software Security Assessment

The Software Security Assessment measures the source code against all current security standards and best practices, such as those of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). The analysis provides a separate Security Dashboard. From the dashboard, developers and administrators can immediately see where the issues are in the code, why they are violations and how to solve them. In this way, the security of an application can be improved quickly and specifically, so that the risks are mitigated.

Software MRI scan

Software MRI scan

This service makes a complete MRI scan of your application. The powerful CAST Imaging technology exposes all database structures, code components and their interdependencies in complex software systems down to the smallest detail and creates accurate, interactive architecture blueprints. This helps to quickly understand the structure of the application, making changes faster and new people are quickly up-to-speed.

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