The Portfolio Analysis Suite uses a worldwide leading SaaS technology, called Highlight. With this technology, we measure the source code of the applications in your portfolio and determine at the portfolio and application level what the technical quality is (software resiliency, agility and elegance), the business impact, the size, the maintenance costs, the open source/3rd party components, the technical debt and the technologies used. This provides a detailed overview of the quality and risks in the applications and the portfolio.

Depending on the use case, different services are offered, all with a different research purpose:

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Application Portfolio Strategizer

portfolio analysis, to be used as a baseline for a modernization program or a digital transformation. The result is a detailed insight and a viable future strategy per application, for example, based on the Amazon 6R model.

Due Dilligence

Due Dilligence Accelerator

provides detailed insight into the quality and risks in the portfolio. This analysis has a more financial aspect and looks at the technical debt, possible double functionalities, maintenance costs in combination with the Total Cost of Ownership.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment

provides detailed insight per application into the cloud readiness of the application. For example, the blockers, boosters and roadblocks are determined per Cloud Requirement and an advice is given how the roadblocks can be solved.

open-source risk assessment

Open Source Risk Assessment

meticulously exposes the risks of the open-source components used. More than 95% of the applications use open source or third party components, but the licenses used and outdated versions full of vulnerabilities pose a huge risk to organizations.

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