Get more insight and control over large IT programs with the Cost Estimation Suite. Renewing IT landscapes is often challenging enough in itself. Large programs with complex dependencies have a major impact on the organization and everyone involved. Appropriate actions can be deployed by objectively calculating the realistic costs and associated planning.

The Cost Estimation Suite consists of three components:

  1. With Software Cost Estimation, a realistic estimate is made of the total costs with corresponding planning of the IT programs examined.
  2. With Agile Team Estimation, an optimally configured team is determined to achieve the objectives.
  3. Software Size Estimation provides fast insight into the amount of software that will be realized.

Advantages of the Estimation Suite

With the Cost Estimation Suite, an IT Portfolio is objectively tested for feasibility in time and money. This provides clear insight into bottlenecks and critical paths in overall planning, which can be discussed with all stakeholders.

The fact- and tooling based approach provides:

  1. Objectified cost estimates for IT portfolio planning;
  2. Probability analysis of estimates and schedules;
  3. Observations and recommendations fort the analyzed IT portfolio.

Based on the insight gained, it is possible to further optimize a portfolio plan.

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