Business Impact Assessment

Budgeting is difficult when implementing IT strategies or improvement processes. Different interests put objective choices under pressure.

The Application Portfolio Business Impact Assessment focuses on the applications used in the organization in relation to the business impact linked to the applications. Targeted research into quality, risks and weighted business impact provides insight into necessary, important and possibly less relevant changes. The results of the research support the IT strategy or the necessary improvement processes.

Deliverables Application Portfolio Business Impact Assessment

  1. Application Heat Map
  2. Risks per application analyzed
  3. Business Impact per application
  4. Advice per environment in relation to IT strategy/Improvement process
METRI Applicatie Portfolio Health & Risk Scan

Advantages of the Business Impact Assessment

The Business Impact Assessment offers an independent insight into the application portfolio so that necessary adjustments can be objectively weighted. This in relation to the business impact so that this effort can be optimally organized. This allows available budgets to be focused and targeted.

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