Smart software usage always makes a difference in organizations. The importance of application benchmark has grown enormously in recent years in the Metri service offering range. Optimization and renewal of the customer’s portfolio starts with a thorough insight into the application stack and its assessment based on facts.

The world of application development is changing enormously. Custom software is replaced by standard applications such as “Commercial of the Shelf” applications and Software-as-a-Service. In many cases, old technologies can’t offer the requested renewal anymore, and large cumbersome platforms are no longer of this time. Ease of management and optimal support for rapid further development are important values that are supported by methods such as Agile and DevOps.

Size and quality

There is also plenty of dynamism in the world of application suppliers. To measure the performance of internal or external suppliers who perform application development and maintenance, Metri has entered into a partnership with CAST, a leading international supplier of software code measurement tools. The cooperation aims to provide organizations with insight into the objectively measured size and quality of applications in a cost-efficient way. This makes it possible to measure the performance of internal or external suppliers who perform the development and maintenance of applications. With an automated function point analysis, based on international ISO standards, Metri provides detailed insight into the productivity, costs, time-to-market and the quality of software development.

Supplier performance measurements in the application domain is an important starting point to take the right sourcing decisions. Outsourcing or insourcing, possibilities of offshoring or nearshoring and the use of single or multi-vendor strategies can have major consequences for costs, compliance with service levels and the added value of the software portfolio. Metri is a specialist in making development projects and application management measurable within a dynamic playing field. Issues such as project budgets and management costs in combination with quality, productivity, volumes and services are made transparent by the standardized approach and proven methodologies.

Market conformity

All these changes make it difficult to substantiate and make the right choices. Metri helps by constantly researching the market conformity of application development and application management. This current information and adequate trend analyses enable you to check whether the use of applications in your organizations is in line with the market. This information is an important basis for a wide range of application related services. Examples of this are the evaluation of application management contracts and support for application environments. With new construction, Metri can perform project benchmarks, reality checks of project budgets, supplier performance measurement and FTE/workload benchmarks or review the total cost of ownership of software.

With the standardized Metri approach insight is provided into the services offered, hourly rates, size, efficiency and prices on a very detailed level. We provide not only a direction or bandwidth but also clear and detailed facts that support concrete advice. Based on that advice, it is possible to make concrete decisions to improve productivity and quality while reducing costs.

The Metri benchmarking method revolves around service components that are viewed from different dimensions:

  • Cost/price;
  • Quality;
  • Complexity;
  • Volume;
  • Service delivery.

The components that make up a service (service components) are the building blocks on which Metri compares different IT services. Metri compares at the component level because each service can be structured differently. The details and dimensions make the difference.

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