No matter how fast and far the technology develops, people are still decisive for the performance of your IT organization.

Significant renewal processes have been started in many organizations to radically innovate business operations with technology. For this digitization to succeed, particular attention must also be paid to new roles and competencies within organizations. Certainly, because own employees mainly focus on traditional IT management.

In addition to the right organization, management and competencies, Metri can provide insight into the scope and character of the IT workforce with the help of a benchmark. Some crucial functions and roles can only be filled in the coming years from external hiring. This increases the importance of good insight into the existing workforce in order to be able to adjust and strengthen it strategically. An important instrument to bring more clarity and transparency to IT competencies is the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

Detailed insight into your IT workforce makes you understand what is needed for strategic staff planning. Metri has fact-based data and various models to review your organization on this point.

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