Application Benchmark

Smart use of software always makes the difference in organizations. In the last few years, the importance of application benchmarking grew enormously in the METRI service offering. Optimization and renewal of the customer portfolio start with thorough insight into one’s own application stack and its evaluation based on facts.

The world of application development is changing enormously. Custom software is being replaced by standard applications such as ‘Commercial of the Shelf’ applications and Software-as-a-Service. In many cases, old technologies can no longer offer the requested renewal and large, sluggish platforms are becoming outdated. Maintenance convenience and optimal support for rapid development are important values that are sustained by methods such as Agile and DevOps.

Size and quality

The world of application suppliers is also very dynamic. In order to measure the performance of internal or external suppliers who carry out the development and maintenance of applications, METRI has a strategic collaboration with CAST, a leading international supplier of tools for measuring software code. The aim of the collaboration is to provide organizations with insight into the objectively determined size and quality of applications in a cost-efficient manner. This allows measuring the performance of internal or external suppliers who carry out the application development and the maintenance & support of applications in an objective way.

METRI is specialist in measuring and benchmarking application development projects and application maintenance contracts within a dynamic playing field. Cases such as project budgets and management costs in combination with quality, productivity, volumes and services are made visible through the standardized approach and proven methodologies.

METRI uses a service-oriented benchmark model in which each component is measured and assigned a value. This method leads to realistic, accurate and complete results. We call this Component-Based-Measurement®. This approach ensures that the service structure of the customer is not lost. By benchmarking at a component level, it is possible to match components of reference customers to the customer. The specific structure of the customer does not have to be transformed into a ‘default’ model. Results are transparent and easy to interpret.

The Component-Based-Measurement® methodology provides a balanced insight into the delivered performance. In addition to costs and productivity, METRI also takes account of various qualitative cost drivers at the component level, such as volumes, complexity, quality (for example service levels) and service content.

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