IT Sourcing

A clear picture of the changes in your market, within your organization, your IT services and your partner ecosystem, is a crucial starting point for innovation. In order to realize a longer-term digital transformation, a detailed analysis of the sourcing approach is essential. You cannot do everything yourself anymore.

We see the need for agility, greater efficiency and higher added value in the questions that the CFO, the CIO or the business owners submit to METRI. The question ‘are our IT costs in line with the market?’ Has quickly changed into ‘how do the investments in IT contribute maximally to the result of our business?’

Sourcing IT services and finding the right suppliers that work optimally from an ecosystem has developed into one of the most important parts of the strategic business operations of companies. Internal and external developments force companies to increase speed, transparency and flexibility in the design and management of their IT services. The way in which the sourcing is given a strategic form is of the utmost importance. The structured METRI approach gives customers the assurance to ask the right questions to ultimately arrive at the best IT sourcing strategy with which a digital transformation takes shape.

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