Van Hall Larenstein College (VHL) trains high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a sustainable world. VHL College has about 4,600 students and 400 employees.

Currently VHL College uses the ICT facilities of the Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR). As a result of the termination of cooperation with WUR it is necessary to unbundle the ICT infrastructure and related services from the WUR ICT environment.

For this purpose VHL College had to outsource the services. As a result METRI was asked to supervise VHL College in two tenders: one concerning the unbundling of ICT and another one for telephony.

For the unbundling tender, a restricted procedure was followed. METRI has assisted VHL College in the tendering procedure; from compiling the tender documents (including selection/award criteria and weighting factors) to guiding the proposal assessment and the actual contracting. Because of the tight deadline for the unbundling, the progress (achieving the milestones) was strictly controlled during the tender process in order to enable a timely contract with a supplier. These milestones were achieved and the contract was signed in time for the chosen supplier to complete the unbundling in time. The tender for telephony is completed through a public tender procedure.