A Worldwide Food and Beverage company requested METRI’s support in its endevour to outsource SAP Technical and Functional Application Management in The Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Asia. The purpose of this undertaking was to safeguard the continuity of the company’s IT support, to increase  IT quality and flexibility, to increase acess to IT skills and knowledge, to significantly reduce TCO and to enable an IT focus on (new) functionality instead of on operations.

The vendor selection process was realised via METRI’s ‘Fast Track’ process. This process only took some 12 weeks, as opposed to a traditional RFI-RFP vendor selection process  which takes at east twice that long.

Apart from its ‘pressure cooker’ nature, the Fast Track approach also allows vendors to demonstrate  expertise and experience via interactive workshops and gives them ample freedom in proposing their unique solutions. In addition, during these workshops all relevant contractual documents are gradually developed.

METRI furthermore supplied market compliant pricing data (the so-called ‘landing zone’) against which the various vendor proposals could financially be validated and compared.