An international operating company outsourced full scope IT services to an external IT Service Provider. It concerns a typical first generation outsourcing. Contract has been renewed for 6 years under heavy pressure during transformation period.

Large issues in service delivery and also mismatch of expectations and interpretations between parties. Transformation is not yet finalised. After long lasting discussions Client and IT Services Provider still analysing the ‘open points/issue list’. Client asking METRI to objectivise and help clarify the situation based on facts. Observations and recommendations are input to develop a new future operating mode and scenario’s to follow, financially underpinned. In order to make sure parties are talking the same language.

METRI will use the component based benchmark database to see what services are covered by the contract, what services are delivered and what the expectations of the client are.  METRI will also perform a check on the market conformity of the contract and the schedules. The above ensures that parties have the ability to discuss about a future relation and modus of operation based on objective facts and figures.