Elastique is a Digital Product House that for more than 10 years has been developing successful digital products for organizations that are seriously thinking about their digital future, want to permanently strengthen their position in the market and make a major impact on their customers. A niche business, Elastique helps organizations to find the best customer-oriented solutions for the new economy.

Predictability and reliability of agreements is a determining factor in the way Elastique wants to deal with its customers. Every day, the 45 professionals of Elastique convert the most diverse digital challenges into high-quality business and mission-critical solutions. In order to empower them, while still being able to express its predictability to customers, Elastique went looking for a partner who can take over a part of the cost estimation process for them.

IDC Metri and Elastique have performed a Proof of Value to see if the Elastique cost estimates can be provided by IDC Metri. For this purpose, an already completed project was blindly re-estimated. Subsequently, a project to be started was independently estimated by both IDC Metri and Elastique.

The estimates of both projects were sufficiently close to each other to give Elastique the confidence that the estimates by IDC Metri are a good basis for the predictability and reliability that Elastique wants to offer its customers.

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