DOVA is the partnership of decentralized public transport authorities and consists of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands, the Transport Region of Amsterdam, the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam Den Haag and the OV Bureau Groningen Drenthe. Together these public transport authorities are responsible for public transport outside the main rail network. In the partnership the participants coordinate national public transport policy and share knowledge and experience to further improve public transport.

DOVA is in the process of renewing its systems for dynamic travel information. These DRIS systems are the central hub that provides up-to-date information on approximately 10,000 displays about the arrival times of the approximately 5,000 buses, subways and streetcars that circulate in the Netherlands. After the renewal, DOVA wants to retender the application management & hosting. The current contract has been running for about 10 years.

DOVA asked IDC Metri for a cost estimation for the management of the DRIS application and the supporting infrastructure. This is so that the participating parties in the partnership have an idea of the costs they can expect in the coming years for the application management and hosting if the contract is on the market again.

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