Partnership METRI – Cast

The partnership between METRI, a leader in IT sourcing advice, benchmarking and supplier performance measurement services, and CAST, a world leader in Software Intelligence, brings more consistency to productivity measurement and automated software sizing. METRI is using CAST products AIP and Highlight to bring precise and consistent measurement to its IT benchmarking and supplier performance measurement solutions that serve the Benelux region.

With CAST, METRI offers its customers more insight into the structural quality of their software applications as well as more cost efficient measurement of supplier performance. This is particularly useful in cases where recurring measurements are needed, such as agile projects. METRI combines this structural quality data with characteristics like effort spent, cost, defects and duration to create insightful dashboards that give customers full transparency into their IT management.


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“Like the famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Andreessen said, software is eating the world. It is becoming the differentiator for enterprises in all kinds of markets. To reach new levels of maturity in software development, enterprises need more transparency into the business value of software and the productivity and quality of their suppliers,”

said Paul Cornelisse, managing director of METRI. “With CAST, METRI is bringing application benchmarking to a new level with automated function point measurement, structural application quality assessments and supplier performance measurement, all based on international standards. This results in increased transparency, predictability and significant cost savings for our customers.”

“I am delighted that CAST is partnering with METRI to serve a significant market need,”

said Alexandre Charlet, head of Benelux operations at CAST. “Joining METRI’s expertise in fact-based benchmarking with CAST’s proficiency in application portfolio measurement will provide an accurate, consistent and risk-adjusted analysis of IT productivity.”


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NCOI – Supplier Performance Management

NCOI Groep (NCOI) is a successful organization of renowned trainers, each with their own and strong positioning in the (private) education market. In recent years, NCOI has grown to become the market leader in the field of practice-oriented and recognized training and training for workers. In order to continue to facilitate optimal growth, IT support has been further professionalised. To this end, a number of initiatives have been initiated.

NCOI has asked METRI to help with concretizing contracts and then testing them for market conformity. METRI has completed this assignment by drafting contracts and attachments (MSA, DFA, SLA, PDC, Governance, OLA, etc.) and the implementation of the services tailored to the needs of NCOI. The new contracts were then tested according to market conformity. Within the scope of the assignments were both infrastructure suppliers and software management and develop suppliers in the Netherlands or ‘near shore’ countries.

In addition, METRI has successfully implemented ‘Supplier Performance Management’ for one of the most important software development suppliers. With this, METRI periodically measures the quality, productivity and risks of the delivered releases and advises on what needs to be given attention.

Novamedia – Supplier Performance Measurement

Novamedia’s mission is to set up and operate Charity Lotteries all over the world to raise funds for charities and increase awareness for their work. Novamedia is the owner of several charity lottery formats and operates six charity lotteries; the Nationale Postcode Loterij, VriendenLoterij and the BankGiro Loterij in the Netherlands, the Svenska PostkodLotteriet in Sweden, People’s Postcode Lottery in Great Britain and Deutsche Postcode Lotterie in Germany. In the period 1990 – 2015, Novamedia’s charity lotteries were responsible for the donation of over 7.2 billion euros to more than 340 charities

One of the main applications that is used to carry out the mission is the Beehive application. This application forms the heart of the lottery operations and is developed by supplier organization Sqills. Recently the application Beehive DE went live in Germany. This application supports the postcode lottery in Germany, which started operating in September 2016.

Novamedia wishes to gain insight into the productivity, cost efficiency, speed of delivery and quality that Sqills realized in the Beehive DE project to understand whether improvements in performance should be necessary in future projects. In addition, Novamedia wishes to make sure that the structural quality of the application Beehive DE is sufficient and contains little risk regarding health factors like security, robustness, efficiency, changeability and transferability.

To obtain the required insight into the performance of Sqills compared to the industry, and the structural quality of this critical application, Novamedia asked METRI to carry out a Supplier Performance Measurement study. METRI partner CAST software analyzed the source code and analyzed the structural quality of the application. METRI collected the project data, e.g. effort hours spent per function/role, hour rates, cost, complexity factors, defect volumes, etcetera. The CAST source code analysis also measures the Automated Function Points (AFP) of the application, which is necessary for METRI to calculate the project metrics: Productivity, Cost efficiency, Speed and Project Quality.

The results of the study give Novamedia detailed insight into the performance of Sqills and the room for possible improvements in the future. Sqills performed significantly better than market average with regard to the project metrics productivity, cost efficiency, speed and project quality. Regarding the structural quality of the application METRI/CAST organized a workshop together with Novamedia and Sqills technical employees to explain the results and the best coding practices and rules that were measured. This resulted in a short term and a medium/long term action plan that will improve the structural quality of the application significantly. For both Novamedia and Sqills this helps improving the quality in future projects significantly.


Harold van Heeringen, Senior Consultant, METRI and Alexandre Charlet, Head of Field Operations – Benelux, CAST explained why the industry is struggling with the management of agile teams.

Basically, the teams themselves create a situation of ‘unaccountability’ by using measurement methods that are not standardized (e.g. story points). The metrics based on these measurements certainly have a lot of value in the teams themselves, and really support decision making on the team level, but they can’t be used for management purposes as they are not objective, repeatable, verifiable and defensible.

However, there will be people in the organization that do have accountability. They need to understand how the budgets need to be divided, what should be the team size of the teams and which teams will deliver which functionality at which moment in time. They also need to know if the performance of the teams is in line with what may be expected.

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