METRI uses a service oriented benchmark model in which each component is measured and valued. This method creates realistic, accurate and complete results. We call this Component-Based-Measurement®.

This approach guarantees that the customer’s service structure is not lost. By benchmarking at component level it is possible to adjust components of reference customers to reflect the customer situation. This way the specific structure of the customer does not have to be transformed into a ‘default’ model. The results are transparent and easy to interpret.

METRI uses interviews and workshops to collect data. As a result, the time required from the client is significantly less and at the same time the available data is being verified. METRI has standard tools at its disposal that support our consultants in collecting and processing data.

The Component-Based-Measurement® methodology provides a balanced insight into the performance delivered. In addition to cost and productivity METRI takes into account at a component level different cost drivers such as volume, complexity, quality (e.g. service levels) and service content.

The METRI data engine enables us to provide our customers with fact-based and pragmatic recommendations, including an insight into best practices.