Virtual Fireside Chat With IDC: Bringing Business Value To Agile Teams | Thu, May 12, 2022 16:30

Objective metrics are crucial in Agile. Organizations will see major productivity enhancements and cost reductions when they have visibility into the productivity, costs, speed, and quality of Agile teams. 

Shared Insight:

  • Background on digital transformation at Saltagroup
  • Measuring output in software developmentWhere IT leaders are dropping the ball in Agile team performance management (and how they can pick it up) 
    • How NCOI has doubled their output with improvements to their Agile teams 
    • How software developers can take responsibility for quality: DevOps & Ops
    • Insourcing trend from near shoring

Join IDC with NCOI, the largest training and education company in Europe, for a provocative discussion. They’ll review the latest technology trends for bringing business value to Agile teams and talk about how IT leadership needs to rethink their approach to measuring Agile teams in order to embrace the pressures of digital transformation. 

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