Talking to a virtual assistant or a software robot handling a routine action like a password reset. In end user management, robotics can have demonstrable added value. It is essential that virtual assistants are not deployed as a gimmick, but focus should be on business value. Organizations that use artificial intelligence as part of a broader program to make service management smart will be most successful.


Technology giants like AWS, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have played an essential role in the development and expansion of artificial intelligence. This technology has enabled them to increase the use of their data they collect about users of their platform. Especially innovations in natural language processing has greatly improved the conversation skills of robots.

Human and robot

Software robots can help reduce the workload on a service desk by taking care of specific tasks. It’s an illusion to think that virtual assistants can run a help desk on their own though. Human assistance is always needed to ensure this technology works well. Robotics will only be a good idea when helpdesk staff and robots complement each other.

Data essential

Data is an important issue in the application of machine learning. Acquiring and realizing adequate data sets for training neural networks is a difficult exercise in practice. The quality of training datasets makes a big difference in how quickly and how well software robots perform and can be scaled in service management applications.

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