IDC Metri has a team of experienced consultants who can support (semi-) public institutions throughout the tendering process both process-wise, technically and legally.

The government is bound by rules on procurement policy by means of European tendering guidelines. These guidelines were incorporated in the Netherlands in the amended Public Procurement Act 2012, which applies from July1st, 2016 for all tenders by (semi-) public institutions in the Netherlands.

These laws and regulations do not have to be a straitjacket. Within a tendering procedure, the supplier that best suits the public procurement, can be found through open competition, in an atmosphere of transparency and objectivity. In this way, parties get to the point of tendering faster. After all, it is about spending tax money in a responsible manner while at the same time offering space for fair competition.

Transparency, equality, non-discrimination and proportionality are important starting points here. The set criteria and requirements must be proportionate to the nature and scope of the assignment. IDC Metri also supports other forms of tendering such as the competitive dialogue and Best Value Procurement. Both procedures are characterized by the optimal use of the expertise of the suppliers and the functional formulation of the customer demand.

IDC Metri has a team of consultants with more than 15 years’ experience and knowledge of the (European) Tendering and guiding of government institutions during the entire tendering procedure. IDC Metri can offer procedural, technical and legal support. Our services include:

  • the drafting of tender documents (selection guideline/specifications);
  • determining selection and award criteria;
  • the introduction of evaluation methods;
  • answering Information Notes;
  • supervising the evaluation procedure;
  • the preparation of substantiated contract letters;
  • maintaining the tender dossier;
  • the substantive IT support in determining the assignment and translating this into the tender documents;
  • composition of the agreement(s);
  • the legal contribution and check on the tender documents;
  • answering legal questions to the Information Notes, contracting.

IDC Metri always looks for the best way of interviewing when it comes to tenders. The starting point is a functional request instead of a ‘you name it, we got it’ approach. Especially determining and recording a thorough sourcing strategy, in preparation for a tender, contributes to a better substantive tender with the right objectives, scope and starting points for sourcing. IDC Metri accompanies you and advises you in this.

In addition, IDC Metri can financially determine the deal value in advance by making a business case, in which we use a so-called landing zone. The landing zone shows the bandwidth within which the financial registrations are likely to fall, so that organizations know in advance what impact their choices have.