With the arrival of new (Cloud-based) delivery models, increasing digitization, scarcity of qualified IT professionals and rapidly following technological innovations, organizations must respond to the changing IT in the market. Not every organization can keep up with these innovations or to find or bind scarce IT professionals while applying innovations or binding these IT professionals can provide a competitive advantage.

It is essential to have an IT sourcing strategy to achieve this benefit and implement a successful business strategy. This creates an IT environment that can move with the needs of the business and market developments. IDC Metri knows the market better than anyone else and has extensive experience with the approach to organizational structure and culture, HR, compliance and the financial consequences of sourcing IT. IDC Metri has drawn up a concrete approach to arrive at an appropriate IT sourcing strategy.

The IDC Metri IT sourcing strategy consists of the following phases:

Quick Scan
the Quick Scan sets the frameworks and objectives of the intended sourcing strategy, supplemented with an overview of the current situation and relevant sourcing trends.

Translation of IT sourcing Scenarios
the output of the Quick Scan is used to outline the IT sourcing scenarios. These sourcing scenarios are both functionally and financially weighted, evaluated and scored, then a choice can be made.

Formulation of IT sourcing Strategy
after the choice of a sourcing scenario, the definitive IT sourcing strategy is formulated.

The results of the IT sourcing strategy support organizations in making choices regarding (strategic) sourcing of the IT lots and approaching the market. These results can lead to different outcomes, which are included and expressed in the sourcing drivers.

These sourcing drivers can be set up from the perspective of costs, flexibility, efficiency and innovation. The implementation of the IT sourcing strategy must provide maximum support to the organization and contribute to the organization and its business objectives.

IDC Metri offers a quick overview of a practical and realistic IT sourcing strategy with associated sourcing scenarios. The combination of in-depth knowledge of the supplier market, the service portfolios and strategies per supplier and the benchmark data, results in a qualitatively and quantitatively substantiated sourcing strategy (if desired with a business case).

Benefits of the sourcing strategy

Setting up a sourcing strategy takes place in an objective, qualitative and quantitative manner. This makes it clear what options (scenarios) an organization has to have a certain IT lot carried out by an (external/internal) supplier.

Based on a business case (based on current and new situation), risks, the market, the organization, IT objectives and starting points, a weighted strategy is created. This is also the basis for approaching the market. Intensive cooperation also pays attention to culture, risks, compliance and finance. This ensures proper communication and coordination and helps the organization to create an IT environment to achieve its IT and business objectives (focus).

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