More and more organizations abandon IT under their own management, while at the same time a good use of technology and control on IT has gained importance. METRI helps organizations with strategical, tactical and operational demand and supply management of IT services as an on-demand service.

METRI uses a team of IT Governance specialists that manage IT suppliers and cloud service providers for customers. Own models, processes and tools are used to successfully control and at the same time to train the customer’s employees on-the-job in the profession.

By assisting organizations in improving their control function, they can transform their maintenance-oriented IT organization into an IT control organization. In this way, much more attention is paid to matching supply and demand of IT within the framework of the organization’s policy and strategy.

Organizations that are already a step ahead with the control of their IT function can also benefit from METRI’s SMaaS. Control organizations will go on developing constantly in order to continue to deliver added value to the organization. In managing the relationships with sourcing parties, the focus is often on the process side. METRI can help shift the focus to a more result-oriented approach and a performance-oriented form of control.

SMaaS is aimed at organizations that want to drastically improve the control function in the short term and therefore need a boost. METRI complements and supplements where necessary and as long as necessary.

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