Under pressure from many changes, it is good to assess your IT organization. Are we still efficient and effective and do we have the right capabilities to go along with the digitization trend? IDC Metri has various benchmarks and models to examine your IT function in a quick scan.

IDC Metri quantifies the improvement potential in terms of FTEs, efficiency and business value. In recent years, IDC Metri has been successful in quickly and adequately analyzing performance figures and comparing them to market averages. We are also happy to offer you the possibility of an analysis in the form of a quick scan.

We proceed as follows. We visit your organization for a few days, get to know your business, analyze your data and conduct short interviews with the stakeholders in and around the IT function, including senior managers, the CIO, IT managers and buyers. We apply the acquired insights to a yardstick. Based on your key figures and our benchmark data, we can define a theoretical optimum of the performance of your IT function. The difference between this benchmark and your results is the improvement potential of the IT function.

In this way, we make the improvement potential concrete by redesigning IT processes, analysing the organizational structure and FTEs and, in addition, monitoring the management, attitude and behaviour. In these aspects, we identify the improvement potential in terms of desired outcomes such as agility, efficiency and added value of IT for the business.

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