Due to the far-reaching digitalization of business models, the availability of information across the boundaries of organizations and the choice of technology, organizations change fundamentally. METRI helps organizations to structurally improve the governance of this digital transformation.

The strong rise of the internet, technology and apps over the past decade has led to a fundamental change in the way people communicate, customers behave, and companies operate. Everyone nowadays expects interaction and transactions to be possible anytime and anywhere and in a secure way.

Digital forces develop at lightning speed and disrupt entire branches of industries, while at the same time creating new chances and opportunities. Transformation of the business through the use of IT and technology cannot come from the ICT organization alone but must be supported by the whole organization. METRI helps companies to adapt the set-up and structure of IT so that organizations better can meet the changing needs of their customers, employees and suppliers.

Digitization also brings new risks. Timely innovation is more important than ever. An adequate organization structure and effective governance are essential for the successful realization of a digital transformation. Of crucial importance is the involvement of senior executives. Because of digitalization, business cycles become shorter, faster and more integrated, the company reputation is more at risk and there is an increasing demand for knowledge and experience from all parts of the organization. Through the governance of this digital transformation, digital initiatives are optimally attuned to the company structure, culture and strategic priorities.

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