Our customers are increasingly losing control of the predictability, costs and quality of software development and maintenance of Agile or DevOps teams. Especially when people are hired, which almost always happens based on a Time & Material basis.

They do not know what functionality will be ready at any moment in time. They also do not know which teams perform well and which teams perform poorly. In the meantime, the rates in the market go up and suppliers do not take ‘ownership’ for the team performance and the quality of the application. Lower productivity even benefits the supplier if they can invoice more hours over time by delivering more sprints.

An important question is whether enough people are used to deliver the desired functionality on time. To answer this, IDC Metri has developed the Agile Value Management service.

Objective metrics are crucial

Story point metrics cannot be used for management decision making. Senior management need objective metrics that can be used to compare the performance of the teams: productivity, costs, speed and project quality of the team, but also the quality and risks in the application.


faster time-to-market


Productivity gain per team


Fewer defects found pre-production


reduction of production incidents


improvement of the average Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Agile Value Management

The Agile Team Performance Monitor service enables organizations to get grip on the productivity, costs, speed and quality of their Agile teams. The trends in the performance of the teams and the quality of and the risks in the applications are measured and compared to the industry. This creates transparency based on objective facts, international standards and best practices.

Unique in the market

To measure the output of the teams, IDC Metri applies automated source code analysis tooling that measures the functional size of the delivered sprint, release or project. In addition to the mentioned metrics, the structural quality of the software is also measured, and the quality of health factors such as maintainability, safety, robustness, changeability, performance and transferability of the software is measured.

IDC Metri is an exclusive partner of the worldwide leading software code analysis technology provider CAST Software in the Benelux market.

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