Quickly scan hundreds of applications to find PaaS quick wins, prevent blockages that delay migration and ensure that applications that go to the Cloud are structurally healthy.

  • No, the Cloud journey does not stop with the “lift & shift” of your applications on VMs.
  • No, the Cloud is not just for new projects that use innovative PaaS workloads for IoT, Big Data or Blockchain payments.
  • No, the Cloud does not make DEV work better with your OPS. l

Cloud is more than that. Cloud is a “disruption” and a “paradigm shift” of both technology and culture. Those who run smartly and gradually on a global scale today are tomorrow’s leaders in their respective markets and industries.

As with any strategic build process, you need to perform a comprehensive, fact-based and systematic analysis of your application landscape to know if each application is a better candidate for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or to decide which applications are not part of your future application landscape.

This assessment of the application landscape should cover the following areas:

  • Business Impact: targets the applications with the current highest impact from a business perspective (alignment with the strategy, end users, etc.).
  • Supported business opportunities: Identify the business opportunities (customer relationship, contracts, orders, sales and marketing, employees, financial management, etc.) that the applications currently support.
  • Innovation requirements: measure the hunger for using innovative Cloud services (performance scalability, high availability and storage of data, IoT, Big Data, AI, etc.). In other words, the need to use cloud services as a competitive advantage.
  • • Organizational and technical state of applications: actual development and maintenance effort, team operational model, skills and resource allocation, KPIs for software quality.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment service identifies the Cloud blockers and boosters per application and provides a clear insight into how to position the current application landscape with regard to your business strategy, specific characteristics and requirements.

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