Many organizations struggle to obtain a complete and accurate overview of the application portfolio during (digital) transformation, let alone making clear, well-founded choices. Obtaining the necessary overview can take months, which slows down the transformation and increases costs. By providing a detailed overview of the portfolio in a few weeks, it is possible to carry out the transformation expeditiously and successfully based on facts.

To execute this step, the Health & Risk Scan Application Portfolio and the Business Impact Assessment must have been carried out. The data from these steps is aggregated and assessed against the business strategy in combination with for instance the Amazon 6R model. The recommended future strategy is determined for each application in one or more workshops with the key stakeholders.

Benefits of the Application Portfolio Migration Strategy

The Application Portfolio Migration Strategy provides an accelerated objective insight into the portfolio and the recommended future strategy per application, so that the (digital) transformation or improvement process can be started immediately and in a targeted manner. The predefined business goals will become available faster at lower costs.

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