Application portfolios have become incredibly complex with a multitude of technologies, interfaces and infrastructures. Certainly, in the case of Agile or DevOps teams, new software is continuously integrated into the portfolio, making the whole even more complex and potentially introducing new risks on a continuous basis, which can even cause problems for the entire organization.

The Health & Risk Application Portfolio scan measures the structural quality of and risks in applications based on all internationally accepted standards and best practices.

The following aspects are measured per application:

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer


Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Size and maintenance costs

Technological composition

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Cloud readiness

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Business impact

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Risks in third-party/open source components, including known vulnerabilities and possible risks in the use of licenses

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Technical debt

Benefits of the Health & Risk Scan Application Portfolio

How can one start a digital transformation or digital modernization project if it is not clear what is there? Every CIO and IT leader should be able to analyse their application portfolio and do an assessment.

This service provides a lot of insight in a short time with minimal effort. We use SaaS technology for the analyses, where the source code does not leave the company.

Metri helps you rationalize and optimize your application portfolio, making it possible to improve governance, optimize and implement targeted budget adjustments. Our solution facilitates the analysis of the application portfolio and helps to assess risks, costs, documentation, complexity and strategy. Not knowing the quality of your applications can lead to problems with the management and maintenance of your application portfolio.

Permanent monitoring offers advantages over one-off measurements and is a basis for benefit management. Measuring once gives a good picture of the health and risks. Regular monitoring also provides a clear picture of the trends, both on the application portfolio and on newly emerging situations. Also, the impact of investments can be measured from benefit management.

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