Different interests play a role within organizations and the business value attributed to an application can differ per stakeholder. In order to make the right decisions, it is important to gain an objective insight into the business impact per application.

The Application Portfolio Business Impact Assessment focuses on the applications used in the organization in relation to the business impact associated with the applications. By comparing the Business Impact against quality, risks, size and technical debt, it becomes possible to make targeted decisions concerning, for example, maintenance and management budgets. The results of the assessment support the IT strategy or the necessary improvement projects.

Results to be delivered

  1. Application Heat Map;
  2. Objective determination of business impact per application;
  3. Business impact compared to quality, risks, size and technical debt;
  4. Top 5 applications with highest business impact combined with the highest risks;
  5. Advice on the actions to improve these top-5 applications.
METRI Applicatie Portfolio Health & Risk Scan

Possible follow-up

For high-risk applications, it may be useful to conduct further research into the origins of the risks within the application. With a Software Health and Risk Assessment, Metri maps the risks and advises with which measures you can bring these risks to an acceptable level.

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