Many organizations want to start a digital transformation and modernize their application landscape, but do not have a good overview of the technical state of the portfolio and the business importance of the individual applications. They don’t know where to start, they cannot make targeted choices and it can take many months to accumulate the required insight.

The IDC Metri Application Portfolio Strategizer service provides an evidence-based insight into quality, business impact, cloud readiness and the recommended transformation strategy per application in a very short time, enabling quick and targeted actions to be taken to save costs and increase value. We use a SaaS platform to perform the code scan so that it does not leave your organization. We ask the application owner to complete a short questionnaire for each application. This gives us the insight to advise a fact-based future strategy for each application. This will save you a lot of time and ensures that your organization will quickly reap the benefits of the digital transformation.

The Application Portfolio Strategizer consists of three components:


Health & Risk Scan

This scan provides a dashboard of the entire portfolio, as well as insight per application examined into the quality, maintenance costs, technical debt, cloud readiness and risks in the third-party/open source components used.

Business Impact Assessment

This assessment provides insight into the business importance of the various applications. By plotting these to quality, size and costs, it becomes possible to make targeted decisions.


Application Portfolio Migration Strategy

The insight obtained is the input for the recommended strategy, for example, based on the Amazon 6R model. Fact-based advice is given for each application.

All results are fact-based, in accordance with international standards and fully auditable, reproducible and verifiable. The application migration strategy is based on the 6R model (Re-host, Re-platform, Re-purchase, Re-factor, Retire, Retain).

A logical next step in the strategy of applications is to draw up a parametric cost estimate for at least the applications with the greatest risks, so that concrete insight is gained into functional size, required effort, conditions and associated costs. This can be used for a benefit management assessment or a business case analysis. It is also concrete fact-based input for the strategic planning process. IDC Metri can help you using its Estimation Suite services.

Benefits of the Application Portfolio Strategizer

The Application Portfolio Strategizer provides a future strategy for each application, based on:

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer


Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Size and maintenance costs

Technological composition

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Cloud readiness

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Business impact

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Risks in third-party/open source components, including known vulnerabilities and possible risks in the use of licenses

Applicatie Portfolio Strategizer

Technical debt

The fact-based approach delivers:

  1. Overview of Application Portfolio Health & Risk
  2. Business Impact versus Health & Risk Heatmap
  3. Top-5 Risk applications with accompanying migration strategy
  4. Applications list with their individual migration strategy

Based on the insight obtained, it is possible to compile an effective change portfolio with clear priorities.

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