Organizations often don’t have the time or expertise to create a software size measurement or need a review or a second opinion on an existing one. Metri is a recognized international expert in the field of software size measurement with a proven track record. Our approach uses multiple methods based on international ISO standards for functional size measurement and best practices. This enables us to draw up an objective and reliable functional size with a realistic bandwidth around the most likely scenario.

A reliable functional size measurement provides important information that clarifies schedules, costs and chances of success in advance. The combination of your specific productivity and the calculated size provides insight into the required effort. Based on this, a schedule can be drawn up with a realistic bandwidth, the so-called landing zone. This method has been tested successfully by Metri for years.

With the software size measurement service, quick insight is gained into the amount of software requirements that have been realized, or still need to be realized.

  • 1 Sprint: Size measurement within 2 days, very accurate
  • 1 Application: Size measurement in 1-2 weeks, high accuracy
Software Size Measurement approach

The impact on your organization is minimal, as our experts only need access to the documentation (for example on Jira). It’s also possible to agree on a service level so that our experts can respond on demand within the agreed lead time. When the functional size is known it becomes possible to draw up a substantiated estimate. Obviously, Metri can support this with the  Estimation Suite.

The Software Size Measurement service is made up of four components:

  1. Documentation Scan provides insight into how well your application, desired functionality or sprint is documented to give application developers or maintenance people a good basis to predictably develop or maintain the software.
  2. Functional size, the amount of functionality to be developed and/or maintained is expressed in a standardized unit of measurement. This is the starting point for determining the time and resources required to develop and/or maintain this functionality.
  3. Degree of certainty, a bandwidth is indicated of the degree of uncertainty in the determination of the functional size.
  4. Improvement potential, feedback of the possible improvements is indicated to reduce the bandwidth in the amount of functionality and to increase the certainty in time and resources required.

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