There is a wealth of data available in the IT domain. However, this domain is experienced as difficult to manage. With its IT Intelligence services, IDC Metri provides insight into the available data as factual information. This insight forms the basis for an independent opinion on the entire IT domain.

In our digital transformation age most organizations struggle with the complexity of its application portfolio and the manageability of the risks and costs within this domain. New integrations take place almost every day and potential risks that potentially could have catastrophic consequences for the organization are continuously introduced into the landscape.

How do you untangle the facts from useless data? IDC Metri’s IT Intelligence services shines a light on your data, converts it for powerful decision-making.

IT Intelligence provides you with insight using objective and standardized measurements with internationally leading technologies. At a portfolio level, we provide insight into the quality, risks, business impact, and Cloud Readiness of the various applications. At a team (product) level, we analyze the productivity, costs, speed, and quality of the (agile) development teams in relation to the quality of the delivered product. In addition, we help clients with substantiated budgeting of software programs and projects, based on data and professional parametric models instead of expert opinions.

The results include lower risks, higher quality and more business value delivered at equal or lower costs.

IDC Metri’s IT Intelligence approach focuses on:

Portfolio Analysis Suite

Gain a quick insight into the technical state of your application portfolio, so that quick and targeted actions can be taken to save costs. Many organizations want to start a digital transformation but are not sure where to start. The Portfolio Analysis suite provides insight in a very short time, while your source code does not leave your organization.

Team Performance Suite

As self-organizing Agile and DevOps teams become more and more common in many organizations, management concerns are increasing. How do you know what is ready when, what the costs are and whether this is in proportion to the delivered value?


Estimation Suite

Many IT programs and especially software realization projects fail, even in the agile world. There are often many reasons for this. One important reason is often forgotten: an overly optimistic budget. The Estimation Suite services provide objectively and parametrically substantiated insight into the scope of the requirements to be realized, the required hours, costs and the required expertise per function.

Public Relations

IDC Metri regularly organizes events and webinars and publishes content around the IT Intelligence services on a weekly basis. For an overview of the available publications, events and webinars, visit the Innovation Center.

Software Quality Suite

There are many reasons to measure the quality of software. Some applications are so critical that an hour of downtime immediately results in tons of damage. Other applications are less critical, but cause many problems which result in dissatisfied users.

Measuring business value

How do you measure delivered Business Value, the holy grail for Agile teams. Every IT organization is curious whether the performances delivered meet the predefined expectations and goals, but is this also the case?

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