Organizations that regularly hire external staff will occasionally wonder whether the hourly rates they reimburse to suppliers are still in line with market prices in terms of price and content, based on comparable contracts.

Simply checking the rates with known suppliers and comparable organizations provides a random indication, but not a balanced picture, supported by sufficiently hard figures. This requires more: a broad-based analysis of hourly rates that are common in the relevant market. The rates of an external supplier are compared with those of a large number of competitors.

Metri Database

A very extensive database with tariff information, which Metri keeps constantly up-to-date, is the starting point for a thorough tariff analysis. As a result, organizations can review their existing agreements with suppliers and stand stronger in any negotiations. The hourly rates benchmark is an analysis of the hourly rates of an external supplier. Metri investigates whether its hourly rates are in line with others in the market.


of the companies have difficulty entering into contracts at competitive rates.


hourly rates in the database.


factors; an hourly rate has been built up from this.


standards are supported: e-CF, KWIV and SFIA.


Voor het verzamelen van data bij de klant gebruikt Metri inputsheets. Door de ingevulde sheets worden contracten, rate cards en functieomschrijvingen transparant, zodat boven tafel komt uit welke kosten een uurtarief is opgebouwd. Zo wordt een alternatief tarief samengesteld, op basis van dezelfde data als die van de leverancier Metri houdt daarbij rekening met onder andere afname, skill levels, shoring en eventuele verborgen kosten. Dit resulteert in een transparante vergelijking met gangbare prijzen en zicht op de best practices in de markt, waardoor de marktconformiteit van de tarieven geborgd kan worden.

Are you paying too much?

For years, Metri has been closely following the rates for common IT roles. Organizations that work with a flexible layer have an interest in making the rental rates transparent. Am I paying too much or too little for the different IT roles is a cardinal question in an effective recruitment strategy? You get insight with the ITFlexrate tool, based on the hourly rates database from Metri.

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