With the Metri Market Price Assessment, the IT services are compared with the environments that are comparable in the market. This creates a substantiated and factual comparison.

Metri performs different IT Benchmarks.

Metri Benchmark method

Metri uses a service-oriented model in which each component is measured and assigned a value. This method leads to realistic, accurate and complete results. We call this Component-Based-Measurement®. This approach ensures that the customer’s service structure is not lost. By benchmarking at the component level, it is possible to tailor components from reference customers to the customer. The specific structure of the customer does not need to be converted to a ‘default’ model. Results are transparent and easy to interpret.

The Component-Based-Measurement methodology provides a balanced insight into the performance delivered. In addition to costs and productivity, Metri takes into account various qualitative cost drivers at the component level, such as volumes, complexity, quality (for example service levels) and service content.

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