Almost all organizations are constantly optimizing the way IT is delivered. The relationship between IT quality and associated costs is essential in such a situation. There are many times when organizations want to evaluate their IT sourcing policy or parts of it. This may involve the end of a contract, alignment with technological developments, scarcity of qualified IT professionals, or a change in the number of preferred suppliers.

Market prices of IT to be purchased are not transparent. The productivity and costs of internal teams are also often unknown before they are appointed. A scenario comparison provides insight into the change in costs and added value with new IT choices. This applies to internal teams and outsourcing contracts, but also large and small lots. A CxO that optimally balances quality and costs wants to be able to compare various scenarios financially and substantially. This provides guidance for important decisions.

Landing Zone Solution

In a Landing Zone, Metri makes it possible for managers to make the future impact of sourcing choices financially and substantively concrete. Metri’s carefully constructed data sets show all relevant aspects of different sourcing scenarios, so that concrete assumptions and outcomes can be assessed. This can be about market prices for services, but also productivity and cost levels of internal IT teams.

When analyzing an existing or future IT environment, it is important to take into account all dimensions of that environment. Important factors are the complexity of an environment, the quality required, the content of the service and the volume of the environment. From extensive benchmarking and sourcing activities, Metri has a wealth of data with which CxOs can take a concrete and pragmatic look into the future. Whether it is a Landing Zone for expansion of a cloud first strategy or re-contracting: this provides clarity.

With a Landing Zone, Metri predicts a lower and upper limit of the future costs of one or more sourcing scenarios. A predicted lower and upper limit of the contract value is healthy for the relationship between customer and supplier. This service is often combined with the supervising of outsourcing.

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