Due to the rapid growth of IT technology that organizations use and the pressure from the business on internal service providers, a proliferation of IT-related products and services can arise over time. Organizations often lose control of the internal IT services they offer, which can lead to cost overruns and loss of productivity.

Renewing IT services is also an important theme in many organizations. IT organizations want to surprise their customers with high-quality service experience, base their services on modern technologies and be able to serve end users through multiple channels.


Organizations need guidance and a starting point to be able to initiate this improvement. Metri offers organizations independent and in-depth insight into the functioning of their own IT department. In a so-called IT Services Review (ITSR) the underlying activities of the internal services are highlighted. ITSR provides a balanced picture of the performance of an internal IT organization compared to comparable organizations.


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IT Services Review Solution

An IT Service Review is a cost benchmark of IT services, where Metri compares the costs of the IT organization at the service and product level with a reference group. Metri uses component-based measurement (CBM) for this analysis so that the customer’s specific situation can be plotted on performance figures from comparable organizations.
By laying the CBM structure over the finances and FTEs of the IT organization, a broad comparison with other IT departments is possible. At the same time, there are enough details, for example in the content of the functions and roles and the number of FTEs, so that productivity, costs and efficiency are immediately visible.

More than a benchmark

The structure of the organization is leading in the feedback of the results. This ensures good recognisability and high applicability of the analysis. Organizations also receive recommendations – partly based on best practices – with which they can immediately improve their internal services and offer. They also gain insight into the number of people and resources needed to deliver a service.

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