IT Benchmarking

Innovations quickly follow each other and are almost always technology driven. Having a clear understanding of changes and fast translation into services has become a competitive tool nowadays. Optimal insight into the costs and revenues of existing and new IT solutions are indispensable to be ready for the future.

Providing an insight and being able to assess IT costs and the performance of IT services are gaining in importance. This means that prices of products and services and the costs of technology solutions are more important than ever before. Unlike before, IT benchmarking is increasingly being used as a service to continually measure costs. METRI substantiates your decisions with facts.

With the deployment of the fully automated METRI benchmark environment, ITFacts4you, METRI creates a drastic change in the IT benchmark domain. Not only can you benchmark your environment with those of comparable companies, but you can also create scenarios, landing zones and business cases to test sourcing decisions in advance and provide financial bandwidths.

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