Our IT is too expensive. That’s how many customers start their conversations with us. But is that true? What our customers need is to objectify IT costs. In such a case, IDC Metri carries out an IT Benchmark.

Our customers come to us when they feel their IT is too expensive and are struggling to make sense of it. IDC Metri’s resolves known pain points with an IT benchmark that thoroughly considers the entire IT organization. By comparing our customers’ expenses to other organizations with similar IT services, IDC Metri assesses the differences and finds room for improvement.
IDC Metri has its own database in which all its data is stored. By decomposing IT services through IDC Metri’s Component Based Model, it’s possible to objectively compare different organizations and IT services. The implementation of a cost or price benchmark provides a clear and substantiated picture of market conformity, including possible improvements to current IT services.

Metri has the following main services for this:

Metri has the following main services for this:

Market Price Assessment

Market Price Assessment
a market price benchmark of IT services

Service Review

IT Service Review
a cost study including a comparison with the market

IDC Metri Benchmark method

IDC Metri uses a service-oriented model where each component is measured and assigned a value. This method leads to realistic, accurate and complete results. We call this Component-Based-Measurement. This approach ensures that the customer’s service structure is not lost. By benchmarking at the component level, it’s possible to tailor components from reference clients to the customer. The customer’s specific structure does not need to be converted to a ‘default’ model. Results are clear and easy to interpret.

The Component-Based-Measurement methodology provides balanced insight into delivered performance. In addition to costs and productivity, IDC Metri takes into account various qualitative cost drivers at the component level, such as volumes, complexity, quality (for example service levels), and service content.

IDC Metri Benchmark method
Landin Zone

Landing Zone / Business Case
With a Landing Zone, we predict a lower and upper limit of future costs of one or more sourcing scenarios.

IT Workforce
Detailed insight into your IT workforce provides insight into what’s needed for strategic staff planning.

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