IDC Acquires Metri

Creates End-to-End Data Source for IT Buyer Benchmarks Deal Significantly Expands IDC’s Sourcing Advisory Capabilities to Meet the Needs of Today’s IT Buyers NEEDHAM, Mass., May 18, 2021 – International Data Corporation …


IDC neemt Metri over

Creëert een end-to-end informatiebron voor benchmarks voor IT-beslissers/kopers De deal breidt IDC’s sourcing advies capaciteiten aanzienlijk uit om te voldoen aan de behoeften van de hedendaagse IT-beslissers/kopers. NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, 18 mei 2021 …


The value of Software Intelligence

“Software Intelligence is insight into complex software structures produced by software designed to analyze database structure, software framework and source code to better understand and control complex software systems in Information Technology environments. Similarly to Business Intelligence (BI), Software Intelligence is produced by a set of software tools and techniques for the mining of data and software inner-structure. End results are information used by business and software stakeholders to make informed decisions, communicate about software health, measure efficiency of software development organizations, and prevent software catastrophes.”

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Bad Software: It’ll Blow Your House Down

Vincent Delaroche, Founder & CEO of CAST. Entrepreneur with a lifelong goal of making the invisible visible In the “Three Little Pigs,” it’s the third pig’s house, made of bricks, that can finally …

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Robots taking over the helpdesk. Hype or feasible?

What is more convenient than a software robot that is available 24 hours a day to answer questions? The promise of software robots on a helpdesk seems big: higher customer satisfaction at lower costs. Yet this future promise is not immediately feasible in practice when you look at the state of Artificial Intelligence and the way service desks are organized generally.


Robotics in end user management

Talking to a virtual assistant or a software robot handling a routine action like a password reset. In end user management, robotics can have demonstrable added value. It is essential that virtual assistants are not deployed as a gimmick, but focus should be on business value. Organizations that use artificial intelligence as part of a broader program to make service management smart will be most successful.

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Software defined powers next generation WAN connectivity

Now that cloud has become the standard delivery model for IT consumption, the demand for connectivity has been fundamentally changed. Business topics such as greater agility in deployment of network services, optimal application performance, and better connectivity to cloud services have become key elements in Wide Area Network services. Innovation takes shape because service providers implement different variants of network virtualization to meet this customer demand better. As has happened with other IT infrastructure services before, these new on demand networking services are very popular with customer organizations.

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Risk management of application outsourcing

The outsourcing of IT facilities and services is a piece of cake for many organizations. Organizations outsource non primary activities to one or more specialized parties to gain more leeway for their primary process.

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Having a grip on progress

Agile software development and scrum teams have brought enterprises many advantages nowadays. Close alignment of small IT and business teams has given software development a much higher speed and added value. But scrumming with indepently operating development teams has impeded CIOs in controlling the budget and timeline of complex projects.

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