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METRI expands its portfolio around sourcing advice and benchmarking with Research. Fact-based insights from benchmark studies and customer centric studies will regularly appear in the form of research products such as white papers and knowledge articles. The content provides inspiration on a wide range of IT issues and provides concrete arguments for new solutions.

As always with METRI Research is fact based and demonstrably contributes to a better application of information technology. The information products are compiled from multiple sources, including sourcing surveys and benchmarking, market research, online desk research and interviews with leading external experts and opinion leaders.

Fact-based insights from benchmark studies and customer centric studies will regularly appear in the form of research products such as white papers and knowledge articles. The content provides inspiration on a wide range of IT issues and provides concrete arguments for new solutions.

This Research will be of absolute value to customers and prospects of METRI. In the coming years organizations need to implement major changes to remain competitive and create a distinct added value in their products and propositions. The proper use of technology is becoming a decisive factor for success more than the enabler it has been in recent years. Knowledge of information technology and expertise of the dynamic and diverse sourcing market is pivotal to make the right technology decisions for the future.
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IT As A Value Adder Instead Of A Cost Center

Ways to make IT seen as a customer focused, high quality face of the organization. Organizations regularly complain about the cost level of their IT department. This is by no means a new phenomenon. At IDC, we continuously assist IT managers dealing with challenging cost reduction targets. I find that these cost reduction targets are […]

Do You Know About the Agile Control Maturity Model (ACMM)?

How to bring objective metrics into application development team performance (and why you’d want to) Many senior managers who have gone through a transformation from a traditional software development organization to an organization with self-organizing Agile teams, understand that this was a necessary exercise to ensure that value is delivered faster to their everchanging business […]

Winning The War For Talent With IT Service Cost Management

When organizations in all industries are struggling to attract talent, IDC explores opportunities for dealing with this shortage. Introduction Organizations in all industries are struggling to attract talent. The shortage of potential employees is a problem that has plagued the IT sector for years but has possibly never been worse than it is now. In […]

Think You’re Achieving Full Cloud Cost Savings With Tools? Think Again.

How companies are partnering with a service for true end-to-end process support that brings full cloud cost savings 48% of enterprises plan to keep spending steadily on cloud, according to IDC research, making cloud costs a focus for IT leaders. And, the majority of organizations believe they’re overspending on cloud. The first blog in this two-part […]

How Agile Development Teams Can Resolve Agile Measurement Challenges With Function Point Analysis

Agile development empowers teams with many benefits but also presents challenges around managing and measuring its effectiveness. The way to resolve these is Function Point Analysis. From business impediment to business enabler, IT development has come a long way since Agile has become the favored practice. Now empowered with speed and responsiveness, organizations have left the days […]

IT’s New Year’s Resolution For Cloud Cost Savings

This IDC Metri blog is the first of a two-part series that brings IT to reckoning about the shortcomings that often cause them to give up on efforts needed to cut wasteful cloud spending. The start of the new year brings many people closer to realizing ways they can improve, perhaps its eating better, or […]

How to Measure Business Value for Agile Teams

Webinar | On-Demand IT teams that have adopted Agile are benefitting from faster delivery cycles and more flexible systems. Despite the improved capabilities that Agile brings enterprises, IDC Metri, the leader in helping organizations realize the full value of their IT functions, has found that most companies would see a significant jump in performance if they […]

Agile Value: How Can You Manage What You Can’t Measure

Agile development promises faster, more responsive development. This aligns better with the transformation of organizations, as they face heightened, more competitive environments. Driven by market and technology changes, organizations are re-structuring themselves and their products and services to be more Agile and opportunistic to market changes. Agile should be suited to delivering this responsiveness when building and supplying technology capabilities to transforming organizations.   But, frequently, it isn’t.   By its nature, Agile can and should be a major enabler supporting these changes, but many organizations find it […]

A Management Primer: How Agile Development Teams Deliver Value

Organizations overcome challenges in quantifying Agile value by embracing a solution that assesses, benchmarks and course-corrects Agile development teams. How is this done? Through agile value management. Agile development is challenging to manage and measure, especially when compared with traditional development models like Waterfall.   Management is often uncertain when functionality will be delivered and at what cost, whether it delivers required quality, and with what inherent risks. Due to its inherent nature of using Story Points to […]

IDC Named Analyst Firm of the Year by the Institute of Influencer and Analyst Relations (IIAR>)

NEEDHAM, Mass., December 3, 2021 – The Institute of Influencer and Analyst Relations (IIAR>), a not-for-profit organization established to raise awareness of analyst relations (AR), has announced that International Data Corporation (IDC) is its Analyst Firm of the Year 2021. This is the second consecutive year that IDC has earned the award, which is one of […]