NETSOL Technologies Limited Pakistan is a leader in providing innovative IT solutions to the global asset finance and leasing industry. Being a highly mature software development organization, it wishes to implement a Performance Measurement instrument for application development, based on international standards and industry best practices. Implementing this instrument provides senior management the necessary insights into their capabilities, possibilities to benchmark and the ability to identify areas to improve.

IDC Metri has conducted a 3-day workshop at its headquarter in the Netherlands to transfer its extensive knowledge on software metrics and performance metrics to NETSOL management. Among others, the following topics were discussed:

  • The current state of the industry about software metrics and performance measurement.
  • Best Practices in software measurement, metrics and performance measurement.
  • Lessons learned from the past – Why do so many measurement programs fail and how to prevent this.
  • Software size measurement – international standards.
  • Metrics definitions.
  • Implementation.

Workshop Application Development Metrics and Performance Measurement

The workshop was prepared in a number of conference calls, enabling IDC Metri to create a tailor-made workshop. IDC Metri furthermore shared data collection templates, dashboards and a data model. Together with NETSOL management, a possible implementation plan was drafted for the Performance Measurement process. After the workshop, IDC Metri provided support to answer questions and to discuss progress.

The knowledge obtained helped NETSOL management to understand the international industry standards for software measurement and the best practice software metrics used for performance measurement, as well as the way the performance measurement process could be implemented in the NETSOL organization.