Foundation Warande is a nursing and care organization with five locations in Zeist, two in Houten and one in Bilthoven. There are 1030 employees and 490 volunteers and it owns more than 600 apartments in care hotels.

Foundation Warande and Antroz merged administratively per January 1, 2015. This merger (named Warande) needed an IT strategy and policy plan. This information policy plan should form the basis of the policy on IT and information management to be followed.

Warande also wanted to see which IT services of the merged organization could be performed by external companies. This IT sourcing strategy must match the information policy.

On the basis of various substantive workshops METRI established an information policy plan. This policy plan, in which the IT strategy was also included, is invaluable in an environment where IT has an increasing strategic value. From this policy the advice came for Warande to invest in information management and to outsource “hard” IT.

Subsequently METRI released a sourcing advice. Afterwards METRI supervised the supplier selection by using the Best Value Procurement methodology. This methodology enables suppliers with a better chance to offer Warande value-added service based on their strengths. After all, the suppliers have the knowledge and should be experts in their field.

Warande selected a supplier and after a successful realization phase signed the contract with the chosen supplier.