TomTom is a global player in the field of navigation, traffic information and map products and fleet management solutions. Innovation is high on the agenda. The company is introducing innovative solutions constantly and company is working hard on a future where always connected devices and autonomous driving will give mobility a new face.

IT is a determining consituent in the future of TomTom. It enables existing customers to use the products and services reliably. And it is an essential pillar in materializing this new future in tangible innovations. To accelerate the pace of innovation and optimally support the business TomTom CIO Christiaan de Backer wanted to perform a reality check whether he could support demand better with a two streams approach to IT delivery.

TomTom asked IDC Metri Research to conduct an analysis into bimodalIT innovation. With such a two-tier approach the traditional IT delivery team is complemented by a team that explores the possibilities and capabilities of new technology. In this way a CIO can respond faster to the needs of internal customers and add more value to the company.

In the research the arguments for and against the Bimodal IT approach were weighed against each other and plotted on the specific situation and future plans of TomTom. The report was compiled from multiple sources, including sourcing and benchmarking studies, market research, online desk research and interviews with leading external experts and opinion-makers. This was a solid basis for this management decision.