PostNL is a post- and package delivery company leading in the Benelux. They also have post- and package networks in Germany, Italy and the UK.

PostNL has asked METRI to provide a model for benchmarking IT infrastructure and applications services. PostNL wants to be compared with the Best in Class or frontrunner ICT organizations on ongoing base. Changes in the market in the areas of pricing and services bundling can thus be translated to the PostNL IT environment.

The first objective of the Benchmarking Framework is to be able to have a clear periodic view on the status of the roadmap to realize the Target Operating Model and Target Architecture. This will help PostNL in measuring the progress as made and the implications on costs as realized during this journey, including the ‘Cloud unless’ approach.

As second objective the Benchmarking Framework should help PostNL in their aim to be a front running ICT services organization and is compared with the Top 25 % of the benchmark peer group organizations in the market providing the same services in a comparable environment.

Besides a fixed number of benchmarks over the years set at the start of the Framework, METRI will support PostNL pro actively. METRI will update PostNL on areas where prices are changing rapidly or trends in service offerings occur. METRI will indicate the service areas where PostNL should perform a benchmark to remain competitive and where significant price drops occur. Further METRI will indicate and advise PostNL on services that need to be adjusted in case these services go out of line compared to best practices.

The METRI Data engine will be used to answer the mentioned questions for a pragmatic approach and to have an ongoing check on the market conformity of the IT environment (costs as well as pricing). PostNL will receive recommendations based on the benchmark) for optimization of the IT environment.