The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie Company (NHG) is faced with a totally changed market with great impact on the organization, product portfolio and processes. These also have necessary consequences for the IT function within NHG. A new system landscape needs to be realized to support the primary processes. The IT department needs to become more professional as well.

Initially a strategic reorientation of the systems was carried out in order to understand the need for change and the extent to which the existing system landscape could be reused. An architecture study and ‘fact-based’ code diagnostics with a data model analysis resulted in a solution for this system rationalization.

Consequently a program plan was drafted and a thorough market orientation with a package and vendor selection was carried out, in which a distinction was made between mandatory tender and a non-mandatory tender streams. After that, a contract management stream and two tenders were launched.

In parallel, a reorganization process was started NHG-wide, which also influenced the IT function. In this light METRI Result was asked to temporarily staff the line management for the department Computerization and Automation.