Suppliers Selection Fujifilm IT outsourcing 2021

Fujifilm entities operate in 55 group companies in Europe and beyond. More than 4000 people are engaged in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service support. Throughout the EMEA region they serve a range of industries including medical, life science, graphic arts, electronic materials, chemistry, optics, recording media, and photographic technologies.

Due to central location of the IT Services across Fujifilm (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and additionally, acquisitions as part of Fujifilm’s growth strategy, Fujifilm wants to change from an Outtasking to an Outsourcing model, where the Supplier provides the complete IT service and takes responsibility for the design and operation of IT. This gives Fujifilm-IT the possibility to focus on providing added value to the business, rather than focusing on operational issues.

IDC Metri has supported Fujifilm with the international supplier selection process for a suitable Managed Service Supplier to deliver services for the entities in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Prior to the actual supplier selection process, interviews were held with the shortlisted suppliers. An extensive Request for Proposal comprising of a detailed description of the current mode of operations and requirements for the future mode of operations was assembled. Fujifilm was supported by means of thorough project management to monitor the quality and planning of the supplier selection process. IDC Metri also guided the process of proposal evaluation, challenged the technical offers and performed the financial evaluation and comparison of the offers. The actual supplier selection with five international Service Suppliers was conducted over a period of four months, after which contracting was executed with one supplier.

In parallel, IDC Metri performed a qualitative and quantitative impact analysis of the future organizational model for Fujifilm IT.