IT Advisory

IT Advisory

METRI’s IT advisory activities use the IT and Sourcing lifecycle based on a long history of fact-based information, the heart of the METRI Advisory services.

Sourcing of IT services is increasingly developing into an important part of the strategic business management. Internal and external developments push companies to more and more speed, transparency and flexibility in the organization and the management of their IT services. The way the strategic sourcing is organized is of crucial importance here. The structured METRI approach enables customers the certainty to ask the right questions in order to eventually achieve the best strategic sourcing strategy.

IT Sourcing
Under the influence of the rapidly changing technological capabilities, the availability and accessibility thereof, a huge transformation is going on in the IT sourcing industry. Customers as well as IT service providers experience this on a daily basis.

Sourcing Strategy
Using a more agile and fact-based approach to the sourcing strategy, METRI can better connect both the customer and the IT service provider to the changing demands and needs of the business.

IT Governance
In recent years, the IT department of the customer has changed and often reduced considerably. Reasons for this are the standardization of services towards the cloud, the outsourcing of services to specialized suppliers and the reduction of specific and traditional IT problems because of the extensive virtualization and automation of IT maintenance activities. Th

Suppliers Selection
METRI supports organizations in the design and implementation of the selection process, developing the business case, the structure of the organization, dealing with the legal side and drafting of a standard sourcing contract with the corresponding standard contract attachments.

METRI has a team of consultants with over 15 years of knowledge and experience with the (European) Tendering and supervision of government agencies throughout the procurement process regarding procedural, technical and legal content.

Transition en transformation
METRI can facilitate and guide a transition very well with both the customer and the supplier from all possible angles (such as financial, technical, operational, legal and HR technical).

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